How to Install Software ?

  1. Download and extract the ZIP file and copy the software file ending with .BIN to USB device
  2. Connect USB to finder
  3. From finder press MENU => UPGRADE => USB Upgrade => Select the Software file and OK
  4. Finder will shutdown, press the POWER key again to start the Upgrade process,
  5. after Upgrade is successful finder will get power OFF again.

Release Note


  1. While in FINDING Menu if found signal and buzzer started to beepĀ  press F1 to mute buzzer
  2. While in Finding Menu press F2 to have bigger size display of Strength and Quality
  3. While watching LIVE channel press F4 key to have the Signal level display
  4. Can Delete all TP of signal satellite Pres Menu => Satellite => SAT SETUP => Press GOTO => F3 => F1 to delete all
  5. While in Main Menu press F1 key to Turn ON/OFF the keypad backlight
  6. Auto Power OFF Timer Menu => Setting => Option => Timer OFF 10min 15min 20min