AVANT NAND & ANDROID Remote control codes

If in-case the remote of AVANT  /  NAND or ANDROID Series receivers remote is lost or broken then this codes can be useful to make new remote with the following codes by using a programmable remote or UNIVERSAL Remote


Name of Key

409F708F V-Format
409F50AF Power ON/OFF
409FF00F Resolution
409F8877 1
409F48B7 2
409FC837 3
409F28D7 4
409FA857 5
409F6897 6
409FE817 7
409F18E7 8
409F9867 9
409FD02F Subtitle
409F08F7 0
409FB04F TeleText
409F609F Info
409F906F Recall
409F00FF UP
409FC03F Left
409F40BF Right
409F807F Down
409FF807 OK
409F20DF Menu
409F38C7 Exit
409F827D Favorite
409F10EF EPG
409F02FD PlayList
409F728D Vol UP+
409FF20D Vol Down-
409F30CF Mute
409F7A85 Ch UP+
409FFA05 CH Down –
409FD22D Red
409F52AD Green
409F926D Yelow
409F12ED Blue
409F42BD Cursor or Tickmark key
409F8A75 PIP
409F4AB5 PIP Swap
409FCA35 PIPList
409F06F9 Signal
409F8679 APPS
409F58A7 Radio/TV
409F7887 Sleep
409F1AE5 Reverse
409FAA55 Play
409FE01F Pause
409F3AC5 Forward
409F0AF5 Previous
409F2AD5 Stop
409F6A95 Record
409F32CD Next